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Our cuisine is geared towards the local flavors of the Okanagan.

Beautiful artwork, feel-good music, candles, warm colors, and fresh flowers tantalize our guests. Guests are invited to eat & drink while socializing over adult coloring (naughty adult coloring books after 9 PM). Classy yet quaint, Midtown Bistro delivers a higher value with our food, service, and entertainment. 


With our years of restaurant experience and the development of a vast clientele base in the Vernon area, our service is relaxed, very friendly, and correct. The menu showcases recipes that have been enjoyed by many in recent years, along with exciting new flavors that will are featured through our happy hours, dinner,

and late evening specials.


Locals are our main component for success. We make sure they become friends to Midtown Bistro, not just guests. This helps us build a larger clientele base and ensures our success

in the Vernon area.


3024, 30th Ave,

Vernon, B.C


(250) 308-7477



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